Preparing For Your Hot Tub – Everything You Need To Know

Buying a hot tub is exciting, but it’s important to properly prepare the site so the installation goes smoothly. Let Trade Handles guide you through the process.

A hot tub will need the right location to ensure it runs smoothly. Check out our guide to get you ready for your hot tub delivery. Contact us for more.

The base

  • A hot tub will need to be fitted on to a sturdy base that can not only take the weight of the tub but also the weight of the water and the people relaxing in it
  • Our hot tubs weigh between 250kg to 490kg and when filled with water range from 1,900kg up to 3,000kg. A concrete base, at least 10cm thick, is recommended
  • Paving stones (like these flagstones from Westminster Stone) and decking can be fantastic embellishments for your hot tub, but again you will need to ensure the materials can support the weight of the tub, especially when using elevated decking. You may wish to consider an alternative, like this Concrete Pool Deck Resurfacing, if you need something stronger.
  • Check out our comparison chart for the specifications of all the hot tubs and swim spas we sell
  • It is also possible to sink a hot tub or swim spa into the ground. The pit will need to be made wider by at least 2.5ft to make space for future maintenance and the pit needs to have ample drainage at the bottom

Looking for some inspiration? Our photo gallery will give you great ideas on how to make your spa look fabulous—process of buying a hot tub.

Water supply

You will need to ensure that your hot tub is located near a water supply; it’s as easy as using a garden hosepipe to fill it up.

Hire an electrician

You will need to hire a fully qualified electrician to read your mains supply in order to keep the power pumping through your hot tub – do not try to fit the electrics yourself. Instead, contact an Olympia WA electrician, or whichever professional is local to you, to make sure everything is done safely.This will also ensure your warranty is not compromised.

The hot tub will need its own electricity supply, so an electrician, similar to those in Guelph or locally, will fit the main circuit breaker in your electrical consumer unit and run a cable to it from the pool. The electrical supply required will depend on the model you have chosen, but our range of products will usually require a 13AMP to 40AMP.

Protect your garden furniture

Have you ever thought about installing a shade sail to offer you, your hot tub and other garden furniture the ultimate protection from the sun and other weather conditions? This will prevent any damage from occurring and minimises the need for repairs in the future.


There us a lot to think about when readying your home for a hot tub. Keep this checklist handy so you can ensure everything is covered.

  • Have I got the right base?
  • Have I got the right electrical supply?
  • Is there a water supply nearby?
  • Is there access to the site?
  • Is insurance cover available from the crane company?