Space Saving Ideas for Your Bathroom

Is your bathroom outdated? Is it about time for a bathroom refitting? Have you been looking for a Plumber in Hastings to do this for you? Well, before you do anything make sure you have the perfect space-saving ideas planned out. Making the most of a small space is a thing many homeowners have to think about. There are many crafty solutions you can use to turn a poky bathroom into a functional and comfortable space.

Here are a few ideas about how to make the most of your tiny space.

Shelving and Storage

Make use of your vertical space and use the height you have in the room for overhead storage. You can do this by getting custom shelving fitted to walls and corners of the bathroom. Have deeper shelves above head height for the best use of space. Click here.

Choose bathroom storage units or cabinets that have vertical storage shelves at different levels to maximise how many products and necessities you can fit in the room.

Wet Rooms

European-style wet rooms are a great way to minimise clutter and make the most of your floor space. It’s easier to clean a wet room than a traditional shower/bath combination as there are fewer surfaces to think about. See the benefits here.

If you’d rather the whole room didn’t get wet when showering, shower curtains or retractable shields can be fitted at little detriment to the space as a whole.

Wall Mounted Fixtures: Sinks, Toilets and Towel Rails

Replacing traditional floor-standing sinks and toilets with those that are wall-mounted or under-counter can save you valuable square inches.

The space taken up by cisterns and pedestals can be saved by choosing these fixtures wisely. There are many sink suppliers out there have a huge rank of sinks to choose from. If you are having issues with your sink, such as leaking taps or it is blocked, we recommend calling a qualified plumber who offers plumbing services across the Gold Coast.

Towel rails are another space eating feature that needn’t be; heated towel rails function both as a radiator and as a place to dry wet towels in a neat way.

What do you think of our bathroom space saving tips?

These helpful hints are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to space saving, but they encompass the main causes of space issues faced in small bathrooms. Follow this advice and you’ll really be making the most of your space.

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