Specialist Home Pest Control Services

How can you manage pests around the home?

Controlling pests can be achieved via a number of methods. A professional exterminator, like those who offer the best pest control in Charlottesville, often does this through killing, but some companies also offer a humane pest control service too. It’s all about what you would prefer and what kind of pest problem you have. Most methods include poisons or traps. Humane methods are typically done by using sound to repel the pest and then making changes throughout the property to prevent the pest from gaining access again. Click here for one of London’s most dominant pest control companies. However, there are some pests that require specialist support. An example of this are birds such as pigeons, crows, and seagulls. While it is rare, you might find that birds have nested somewhere on your property. If such a case were to happen, you may want to check out this bird netting service in London or a local animal control service that could help you solve this issue.

A professional pest control team similar to Sustainable Pest Systems offer help and advice to prevent and control pests. Typically, they will inspect the property to determine if there are any pests present.

This can determine the following:

  • Where the pests are entering the property
  • Identify any pests in the house
  • Seal off entry points

Environmental Pesticide Free Pest Control

As Pest Control Professionals, we understand the importance that pesticides can have in dealing quickly and effectively with insect and rodent problems but we also recognise that there are good reasons why a chemical free solution may be the preferred choice:

  • Many pests are becoming immune to the everyday products- even ‘professional strength’ ones and pesticide free methods can be a better way to gain control
  • Legal obligations, such as CoSHH, mean that Chemicals shouldn’t always be first choice
  • We often work in sensitive environments where the application of pesticides may not be appropriate or desirable
  • Companies often have their own environmental aims and responsibilities
  • Non-chemical treatments can sometimes lower overall costs and allow treated areas to be reoccupied quicker. See the benefits here.
  • As a responsible company, we have a responsibility to reduce risk to our customers, staff and the environment

For more details and examples of some of our pesticide-free pest control services, please get in touch with us. To discuss how our pesticide free or reduced chemical approach may be right for your site or pest problem, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team are on hand to help.