How to make your carpet look brand new

If you want to stretch the life of your carpet and area rugs for as long as possible, you should continue reading. In such case, you can benefit a lot from learning a few basic carpet cleaning and maintenance rules.

Being able to troubleshoot basic carpet issues will help you keep your home carpet from looking drab.

Basic Carpet Cleaning

Every 8-12 months, you should contact a professional carpet cleaning and have them work on your home. Their service will remove any deep seated dirt. Their knowledge and experience allows them to offer the best advice on how to look after your carpet between cleans. Steam cleaning is one of the best methods. Find out more.

Stop Dirt at the Door

Instead of waiting for a carpet to collect dirt and soil and then clean it, prevent it from happening or at least limit the amount of dirt reaching your domestic carpet. A tried-and-tested approach is to make you have outdoor and indoor mats placed at all entry points of your home.

Carpet cleaning essentials

Foot Traffic

The exposure of only specific areas to high foot traffic can cause uneven wearing and tearing. You can avoid it by re-arranging furniture and diverting foot traffic to pass by over other parts of your carpet. It will ensure you get evenly worn-out fabric in the end.

Protect the Fabric

Your carpet is made of millions of fine fibres. Like any fabric it requires to be protected from a number of potentially harmful culprits. First, direct sunlight damages colours and texture. Long exposure can lead to tearing of the material. Tips here.

Next, products of heating systems also lead to colour fading as well as fumes from pesticides, chemical compounds or toxic cleaning agents like bleach. Protecting the fabric will ensure you can enjoy your carpet for long time.