Clean Your Bathroom Right!

The bathroom is that room at home where you start and finish your day. Unfortunately, because of the humidity and heat, your bathroom is a favourite harbour of countless germs and bacteria that are dangerous for your health. This is why, when you do your usual home cleaning, it would be a good idea to pay more attention to your bathroom.

It may seem strange to you, but it’s a fact – the bathroom, in which you maintain your personal hygiene, so you could be healthy and neat, actually is quite a dirty room, filled with contaminants. The bathroom should be a part of your house cleaning at least once a week and even more often if you have a big family and young children.

Read this article to find out how you can deep clean your bathroom in 7 steps.

Germs and bacteria are hiding everywhere – there are around the toilet, in the sink and the bathtub, on the shower curtain, even the toilet paper and the shower head are covered with it.

Often bacteria are the invisible cause of bad odour in the bathroom, and it will not disappear by using some air fresheners. So instead of concealing the filthy face of the bathroom, clean it regularly.

Cleaning your shower and tiles

In order to reduce the number of bacteria in your bathroom, replace the plastic shower with a metal one. If it’s handheld, dip it in a bowl of vinegar and let it stay in there for several hours, even overnight. Scrub its holes with an old toothbrush and use a pin to remove the blockages. From time to time run strong jets of hot water to wash away the dirt and finally wipe the shower well. Tile cleaning advice.

If you are struggling to properly clean your tiles and grout, you should call a leading cleaning agency. Dirty grout lines can easily be restored to their original colour with the use of specialist equipment. Other services that a qualified cleaning agency can offer includes carpet cleaning, bond / vacate cleans, upholstery and mattress steam cleaning. See other services.

If your shower is static, pour heated vinegar in a plastic bag and tie around the shower head. After several hours rinse with hot water and dry it. Regular cleaning of your shower will prevent filth to come to your body when you are taking a shower.

Cleaning your shower, bath and tiles

Cleaning your sink

The sink in the bathroom is an even bigger outbreak of bacteria than the shower because it absorbs all kinds of dirt.

  • Use soft paper to remove the gathered filth around and in the drain. If your drain becomes really smelly and the water doesn’t drain properly, it might be time to call in a specialist such as to unblock it. Scrub the deposits on the sink using an abrasive sponge, baking soda and hot water.
  • Apply detergent (preferably with citrus ingredients) and let it stay for about 15 to 20 minutes. Repeat the scrub procedure with the sponge, rinse the sink with hot water and dry well. For more cleaning services and tips click here.

Tips for cleaning your stainless steel sink.

Bathroom and toilet cleaning are the most important components of your house cleaning. If you do it often, you will avoid a number of problems – blockages, bad smells, slippery floor, mould, etc. A healthy mind in a healthy body… And we would also say – a clean bathroom in a clean house.