Buying a house: how it’s done

Buying A House

When you hire a conveyancing solicitor from somewhere like my conveyancing specialist, they play a crucial part in ensuring the purchase of your property goes smoothly and to plan.

Whether you are buying a residential or commercial property or possibly looking at buy to let or purchasing a property overseas, this is a summary of the type of work your conveyancing solicitor will undertake for you, especially if you are looking to purchase your property through a mortgage. You can read more about this Great resource by LeverageRX on their website, and continue on below for more home buying tips.

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Buying a new build property is totally different from the normal house buying process.

Often you will be required to exchange a long time before the property can be moved into, as many developers will sell off plots before developments are complete so they can complete the project.

The moral if you are buying a new build is to instruct your solicitor immediately, even if your potential moving in date is months (or even years) away.

Sometimes, on the market, you may only be given a maximum of four weeks between reserving a property and contract exchange. During this time, it would be wise to have a home inspection completed on the property to ensure everything is in working order.

Whether you are buying a residential or commercial property, first-time-buyer or looking at a new build, this is a summary of the type of work your conveyancing solicitor will undertake for you.

Stage One: Property Sale Agreed

  • Checks the Legal Title and produces a property report to the client and informs them of all legal matters.
  • Organises local authority searches and requests payment from you for the searches.
  • Presents you with the contract for signing.
  • Receives mortgage offer.

Stage Two: Exchange of Contracts

  • Transfers your deposit to the seller’s conveyancers
  • Prepares a statement of completion.
  • Prepares deeds for you to sign – of the transfer and mortgage deeds.
  • Organises searches – bankruptcy and priority.

Stage Three: Completion

  • Pays Stamp Duty
  • Register you as the owner with HM Land Registry
  • Sends deeds to the mortgage lender (if appropriate)
  • Your conveyancer will also deal with the sale of your old property.

After completion

After completing the legal side of buying a home it is important you make sure that you up to date and on time when it comes to moving out and handing the property to the next owners.

This means you need to be quick cleaning and refurbishing the house. As well as finding removalists to help you move your belongings out and into your new property in time for the new owners.

Enquire about your new property

You may have sorted out your side of the move, but you need to be aware that the homeowners of your home to be may not have followed this process and they may be more disorganised.

While it is important to keep on top of your own side of moving, selling and exchanging your home, you should make sure the property you will be moving into is ready for you.

For example that the current occupants are ready to leave when you move in etc.