Guide to Boiler Installations Costs

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New boiler replacement costs

Buying a new replacement boiler can be at first, daunting. Questions like ‘what type of boiler’, ‘which is the best brand’ all come into play.

However, for London families, homeowners and landlords fitting a new boiler can first appear expensive, leading many Londoners to carry out some heavy research to find the best boiler prices.

Do you need a boiler replacement?

If you are in fact, looking for a replacement boiler then it’s probably likely you are experiencing some issues with your boiler.

Below are the most concerning signs that highlight when your boiler needs replacing.

Boiler replacements are necessary when:

  • Your boiler was installed more than 8 years ago
  • Unhappy with boiler location
  • The boiler is faulty or does not produce enough hot water
  • Low energy efficiency rating (anything that’s not A-rated)
  • You are planning to sell/rent your property

Boiler installations in London can be completed in as little as a day. For one of the best plumbing companies with certified heating engineers that offer low-cost prices click here.

How much does a boiler replacement cost?

Generally, boiler prices can vary.

This can be down to location, type of boiler and the work involved.

For example, will you require your old boiler to removed? Are you wishing for your new boiler to be located somewhere new?

You’ll want to look for plumbers and companies that offer fixed prices – that way you won’t be landed with any hidden fees.

Gas boilers can range from £400 to £3,000, depending on the model and boiler brand.

Choosing a new boiler

You will need to do a bit of research to understand the type of fuel that your current boiler runs on.

You will also need to look into the type of boiler that will suit your home and can cover all your heating and water demands.

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