Benefits of Fibreglass pots for your plants

Plant pots

Why you should care for your plants the fibreglass way 

Whether you’re decorating with indoor pots and plants, or searching for larger planters for outdoor shrubs and raised beds, fibreglass is the ideal home for plants of all kinds.

Need Fibreglass planters?

You can find a limited supply of fibreglass planters at your local garden centre for domestic indoor and outdoor pots. However, if you are looking for fibreglass planters on a more commercial or industrial level, then GRP planters are a common choice for villages, town and city centres, offices, and factories.

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We have collected 4 main benefits of fibreglass planters:

1. Durability

  • Fibreglass pots and planters are constructed from very strong, high-quality glass fibre, and given a wonderful paint finish.
  • The paint is UV-resistant and can come in a matte or glossy finish, meaning that a fibreglass planter doesn’t discolour, crack or fade when exposed to UV-rays from the sun, or summer heat.
  • They are strong enough to hold shrubs and even trees! So whatever size your plant, the planter can home it!

More about the pros and cons of fibreglass planters.

2. Lightweight and Strong

The fact that fibreglass planters are lightweight mean that they are easily relocated. They can be moved around easily, but they will not crack or smash either.

3. Elegant and Stylish

As well as being durable, sturdy and stylish, fibreglass planters also have a contemporary look that can finish off any room, patio or garden.

If you prefer a more traditional look, fibreglass has such a range of styles that whatever your ideal look, there is a fibreglass planter for you! More.

4. Weather-Resistant

  • Other planters made of pottery, which are at risk of cracking, fading, drying out or breaking completely from weather conditions.
  • Fibreglass pots are waterproof and weather-proof, so that whatever the weather – snow, hail, rain, ice, or sun – they are resistant to rust and shattering.

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