Fibreglass as a flat roofing solution

If you’re needing to hire a Raleigh roofing contractor to replace or install a roof, it’s always a good idea to see what materials are available for you to use for your roof. Each one has its own pros and cons so it’s definitely worth looking into. Of course, different contractors will offer different materials so it’s important you look on your local roofer’s website to see if they have the type of material you’re looking for. But what is the most underrated material for roofing? In our opinion, it’s fibreglass so today, we will be discussing its uses in roofing. Fibreglass is a major material used in roofing. But, why is it so popular compared to traditional substances such as felt?

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Fibreglass can last 4x longer than traditional roofing felt
  • Can be designed/altered in various colours to match existing architecture
  • It is completely watertight as there are no seams/gaps
  • Fibreglass has various properties + can be made non-slip if need be
  • Can be highly energy efficient when used in conjunction with insulation

Due to all of the advantages of fibreglass, it really makes you think ‘why is felt still used as a roofing material‘. Even more technological matters, such as rubber is flawed as it will rely on glued seams.

Choose fibreglass for a suitable, sustainable solution for your flat roof

Wherever there is a seam, there is chance that water can penetrate through and quite often, when you notice the damage, it is too late. In such cases, availing services of reputed roofing companies could turn out to be a more feasible, long-term solution, and more so when it concerns fibreglass roof installations.

Fibreglass is a proven material that has been used in the UK industry for 50+ years. Fibreglass is also trusted in other industries such as automotive and the manufacturing sector.

If you are looking for a trusted fibreglass manufacturer, then we recommend Stuart:Pease. They have recently celebrated 40+ years in the industry and are one of the UK’s premier glass reinforced plastic companies. Take a look at their portfolio.

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