Fibreglass as a flat roofing solution

Fibreglass is a major material used in roofing. But, why is it so popular compared to traditional substances such as felt?

Here are some of the advantages:

  • Fibreglass can last 4x longer than traditional roofing felt
  • Can be designed/altered in various colours to match existing architecture
  • It is completely watertight as there are no seams/gaps
  • Fibreglass has various properties + can be made non-slip if need be
  • Can be highly energy efficient when used in conjunction with insulation

Due to all of the advantages of fibreglass, it really makes you think ‘why is felt still used as a roofing material‘. Even more technological matters, such as rubber is flawed as it will rely on glued seams.

Choose fibreglass for a suitable, sustainable solution for your flat roof

Wherever there is a seam, there is chance that water can penetrate here and quite often, when you notice the damage, it is often too late.

Fibreglass is a proven material that has been used in the UK industry for 50+ years. Fibreglass is also trusted in other industries such as automotive and the manufacturing sector.

If you are looking for a trusted fibreglass manufacturer, then we recommend Stuart:Pease. They have recently celebrated 40+ years in the industry and are one of the UK’s premier glass reinforced plastic companies. Take a look at their portfolio.

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