3 Tips for Warming Your Home with Central Heating

Central heating is still one of the most popular ways to keep a house warm in winter, and many parents really depend on it to keep their little ones warm enough when the weather outside is cold. Where we adults may be fine with just putting on a couple of extra layers, kids tend to be more comfortable and sleep better in a cosy environment.

Whether you already have a good central heating system or are looking to install a stylish new one – such as a heat pump Charlottesville – knowing how to get the best heating results from your central heating is important for energy efficiency and your general overall comfort.

As there is a huge array of heating systems available on the market, we recommend doing your research before buying a system that isn’t suitable for your home. Click here to read this heating system guide.

How to heat your home properly

Here are three tips for using central heating effectively:


Central heating works on a thermostat, as you probably know. This thermostat aims to drive the heating system to reach the ambient temperature you have selected.

With poor insulation, warm air leaks out and cold air comes in, so your heating system has to work harder to maintain the temperature using more fuel and costing you more money. It is important therefore not to open windows while the heating is on, and to use things like draft excluders. If you feel that the room is too hot and stuffy, then you probably have your thermostat set too high. If your heating is set correctly, you shouldn’t feel like you want to open windows. See the benefits of insulation.

Use Your Ceiling Fans

It may seem counterintuitive but ceiling fans can actually be used with central heating to make your rooms more comfortable. Many fans can be set to reverse so the blades push warm air that is rising back down. If you have these kinds of fans, you can make your rooms far more comfortable by using this kind of setting to get more benefit from your heating. How do they work?

Pick a Temperature and Stick to It

Your central heating is designed to keep your home at a consistent temperature, rather than to make it hot. This can be one of the reasons why it can actually make for more comfortable winter living than things like open fires, whose temperature cannot be controlled so easily. However, many people don’t use their thermostats as intended, and raise the temperature more the colder it gets outside, or attempt to heat rooms faster by choosing higher temperatures. Best temperature for your home.

To use your central heating correctly and efficiently, the best thing to do is find a temperature that you find comfortable, and stick with it, rather than fiddling with the thermostat all winter. The temperature you like will vary according to your family’s preferences, but if you find what works and use this every time you turn on your heating you will find your home reaches a comfortable temperature as quickly as your system will allow, and won’t get too hot.

Using your central heating with top quality Heat Pumps is the key to a comfortable winter for your family, and can help you keep your heating costs down.

For more advice on how warming your home properly, contact our team of experienced experts.