Property finance provider is doing their part to help the homeless crisis

Hunter Finance – a property finance provider based in the East of England – is looking to provide more funding to developers that are producing homes in areas with high numbers of homeless individuals.

It is recorded that 1 in 200 people across England does not have a permanent home, and 288,470 households in 2019 to 2020 needed assistance from councils to either prevent their chances of being homeless.

As the current housing crisis has been a struggle with the pandemic, other companies have been doing their part in ways that can help those in need of accommodation.

Hunter Finance is one of those companies wanting to help fix the homeless problem in England by encouraging the development of affordable, liveable homes in areas with a big homeless population.

They are known for their property finance loans that they provide to developers looking to build residential or commercial properties across the UK.

A spokesperson for Hunter Finance said: “We see there is a gap in the market for homes in areas with high areas of homeless people. We want to do our part by approving more property finance loans in areas that have a record amount of individuals that need permanent residency.”

Some of the main cities that have extremely high numbers of homeless individuals include:

  • London
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham

By Hunter Finance providing more property finance to developers that want to provide affordable housing for those who do not have their own homes.

“There are many private buildings in London where people can go live, but not everyone can afford to pay £2,000 a month. And homeless shelters aren’t always an option,” continued the spokesperson, “so we want to give more property finance funding to those who want to make affordable homes to get as many people as possible in a home.”


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